• Ensure Ministry of Finance accounting is carried out efficiently, effectively and responsibly through an effective accounting, control and monitoring system.


Client Charter

  1. To make payments to suppliers/ individuals within five (5) calendar days upon receipt of complete documents.
  2. To ensure payment of salaries and deductions of salaries within specified dates.
  3. To account for receipts and to issue Official Receipts within three (3) calendar days upon Collector Statements’ date of receipt.
  4. To provide advisory services on Financial & Management Accounting within 14 days upon receipt of complete application.



  1. Manage and account for receipts and payments, including payroll.
  2. Prepare for PTJs audit and coordinate the audit process and reports.
  3. Monitor the implementation of government’s accounting system through inspection and audit.
  4. Collect and analyse financial information to recommend efficient use of resources and procedures, and provide strategic recommendations.
  5. Plan, develop and implement training programs and courses to improve accounting and financial skills in Ministry of Finance.


Account Division for Ministry of Finance
Accountant General's Department of Malaysia
Level 1 & 2, Bangunan Jabatan Akauntan Negara Malaysia
No.1, Persiaran Perdana
Presint 2
62594 Putrajaya
Tel : 03-88821000
Fax : 03-88895817