Core Centre For Financial Generic Courses

The National Accounting Institute (IPN) is a division under Accountant General’s Department of Malaysia responsible for developing and enhancing the competency of civil servants especially in the areas of finance and accounting.

IPN is recognised as the core centre for generics financial courses effective from June 29, 2010 based on the Director General’s Circular of the Public Service JPA(S)(BPO)215/65 Klt.22(7) dated June 29, 2010. IPN provides courses on accounting, finance, auditing and accounting information system. The course under financial generic category are:

1. Basis of Government Accounting
2. Government Accounts Receivable and Revenue
3. Government Payment System
4. Control of Expenditure
5. Trusts, Deposits and Imprest Accounts Accounting
6. Accrual Accounting (Basic)
7. Accrual Accounting (Intermediate)
8. National Budget System
9. Civil Servants’ Pay, Allowances and Facilities
10. Asset & Store Management
11. Government Procurement Management
12. Accountability in Financial Management
13. Basic of Government Financial Management

Course Application

All civil servants are eligible to undergo training at IPN either serving at Ministry / Department / Agency at the Federal / State or Local Authorities level.

The list of the courses can be referred to the IPN Training Calendar. All application must be done online via IPN’s portal at or alternatively, click on this link Course Application

Application To Organize Financial Generic Courses

Departments / agencies can organise financial courses by submitting applications to IPN using Application Form to Organize Financial Generic Courses by Ministries / Departments. The form can be downloaded at Services > Download > Forms.

Application For Financial Instructors From IPN

Departments / agencies that plan to organise an in-house training and require instructor from IPN may do so subject to the guidelines provided.

Guidelines for Application of Instructors from IPN can be viewed at Services > Procedures & Guidelines.