To submit the complete and accurate Federal Government Financial Statements in compliance with laws, accounting policies and standards to the Auditor General within three months (3)  from the end of financial year.

2. To refund unclaimed monies or unclaimed securities within 30 days from receiving the complete documents.
3. To ensure payments are made within three days (3) from the date of payment instructions approved by responsibility centres.
4. To Ensure

- Payment of emoluments is made according to the schedule.

- Monthly salary slip made available in the system on the payment date.

- Annual Income Statement (for employees) made available in the system before the end of March.
5. To approve the application of public sector accounting and financial system within two (2) months from receiving the complete application.

To ensure receipts are accounted for within the period specified in the Treasury Instructions (TI) 78(a).

7. To issue the results of the application of auditor’s and liquidator’s renewal within three months from receiving the complete application.

To provide feedback on inquiries related to financial and accounting procedures within 15 days from receiving the inquiries.


To issue an audit report within 21 days from the date of the Exit Meeting.

10. To prepare Ministry of Finance’s monthly Financial Statements.

To acknowledge complaints received for the systems below within one to three days:

i.    iGFMAS ServiceDesk
ii.   Accrual Helpdesk
iii.  iSPEKS Helpdesk
iv.  iSPLN Helpdesk
12. To ensure high quality of training programmes and achieve at least ≥6.00 points of the course evaluation.